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  • Covers the pores of the skin, even and bright, supple and flawless
  • Refreshing and comfortable, not greasy
  • Delicate powder melts into the skin to create a flawless look
  • Evenly brighten skin tone, nude makeup is natural and flawless, and the skin is crystal clear
  • Comfortable, refreshing and delicate.
  • Lasting moisturizing, showing supple nude makeup
  • Waterproof and anti-sweat, balance oil control, long-lasting makeup
  • Made from natural aloe vera extract
  • Moisturizing & hydrating & lock water & nourishing
  • Gentle & refreshing formula, easy to absorb, not sticky
  • Improve dry & rough skin 
  • Brightening and skin repair, improve sunburn
  • Smooth and soothing skin