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  • Honey Hand Mask (Expired: 8 Dec 2022)
  • Brand: BIOAQUA
  • Contains a variety of plant extracts, nourish the water, nourish the nails.
  • Honey ingredients, exfoliating scrub, smoothing, whitening and moisturizing. 
  • Soft and delicate texture, easily absorbed when apply evenly.
  • Help improve the hand dry, so that the skin smooth and delicate skin, delicate soft.
  • Suitable for: hand skin brown, dry, rough skin, easy winter frostbite, and thick cuticle hand,does not absorb nutrients hands, dead skin, calluses, cracked, yellowish, fine lines, aging, etc.
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  • Snail Sheet Mask (Expired: 21 Nov 2022)
  • Brand: BIOAQUA
  • Product Specification: 25g/unit
  • Rich snail mucus to nourish the skin while softening and delicate the skin.
  • Improving dry skin, make the skin smooth, supple, delicate and young.
  • Moisturizing the skin, make the skin hydrated.
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  • CC Air Cushion Foundation (Expired: 8 Dec 2022)
  • Brand: BIOAQUA
  • Product Specification: 15g + 15g (FREE 1 Replacement)
  • Help skin conceal moistures, Even skin tone, Brighten skin, Waterproof, Long lasting, Makes skin delicate, supple and radiant.
  • Color: Natural
  • ·Moist texture
  • ·light and delicate
  • ·not greasy
  • ·replenish moisture and nutrients
  • ·gentle care
  • ·nourishing
  • ·hydrating
  • ~Even more natural and long lasting
  • ~Triangle pencil point uses multiple angles to create sharp line
  • ~Soft touch make for easy application
  • ~A variety of natural shades to match any hair color or skin tone
  • ~Light pigmentation to cover natural eyebrows perfectly
  • ~Durable and strong formula that won't break easily
  • * Long-lasting throughout the day, without the need to touch up.
  • * Conceals and covers up imperfections and blemishes.
  • * Controls excessive oil, yet hydrating and moisturizing at the same time.
  • * Natural finish – looks very natural. Blends in with the complexion.
  • * Skin breathe naturally.
  • * Instantly highlight and shadow for a sharper V-face
  • * 2-in-1 stick creates the illusion of structure and lift in two easy steps with silky cream contour & highlight.
  • ​​* A smaller face in just a minute
  • ~Increases volume & length of eyelashes dramatically
  • ~Waterproof formula for longer lasting makeup. No smudging, no running, no smearing even on        hot humid day. Last whole day long
  • ~No caking & eyelashes won't lump up. Comb wand separates and defines each lash.
  • ~Flexible & easy to control and apply – create the look you want easily.
  • ~Use once for a more natural daytime corporate office look. Look baby sweet with extra long and thicker lashes without overdoing. Apply a few layer for a more dramatic curl and volume. Great for that sexy night out look.
  • ~Doesn’t irritate eyes. Contact lens safe