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  • Brand: BIOAQUA
  • Net Content: 200 Pieces
  • Item Form: Cotton Pad
  • Applicability: Face | Neck | Body
  • Suitable for all skin types
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  • Delicate and soft cotton towel, when cleansing the face, the hand feels smooth and close to the skin, flexible and delicate, the skin feels light and smooth, as thin as a cicada's wing, light and caring for the skin. Repeated rubbing with wet water is not easy to break and deform, flexible and durable, and not easy to fall off. Wet and dry use, clean, hygienic and easy to use.
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  • Usage: 
  • Help to remove makeup and clean skin
  • Help to absorb lotion and lotion
  • Through skin care products, keratin conditioning and re-cleaning of skin
  • Small area rotation through the contact between natural cotton and skin, massage gently and delicately remove makeup
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  • How to identify the chemical components contained in cotton pads?
  • Many cotton pads are mixed with many chemical fibers, which can be identified by naked eyes and combustion methods; cotton pads made of natural cotton have no luster, and the ashes are soft after burning. If the product is shiny and there are hard lumps after burning, there are chemical  fiber composition.
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  • Classification of cotton pads:
  • Cotton, as the name suggests, its raw material should be cotton. At present, the materials of cotton pads on the market mainly include three categories: natural cotton, paper fibers, and non-woven fabrics mixed with fibers. In the wet state, natural cotton cotton pads are softer, followed by paper fibers, and non-woven products with the increase of chemical fiber content become more and more hard.